29. August 2017
Embedd tweets in WordPress website

Embed Twitter post in WordPress | How to make it?

Want to know how to embed tweets in WordPress? In this Tutorial, we will show you, how to Embed Tweets on your Blog post. Twitter allow […]
3. June 2016
image gallery in WordPress

How to setup and create Gallery Plugin

In this tutrial we will show you, how to create beautifull image gallery. In this WordPress video you have two ways, or two designs how you […]
29. May 2016

How to Add (Insert) Favicon Plugin to youw WordPress site

In this tutorial we will show you, o to insert or add faicon to your WordPress. Step by step. Favicon is small picture, which you can […]
23. May 2016

How to use FTP to install Plugin, Themes, Languages to WordPress site

  Hello, in this video we will show you, how to insert plugins, templates, languages to your WordPress site by using FTP (winSCP). You can use […]
18. May 2016

How to Embed video (Insert video) in WordPress from Youtube

In this video, we will show you, how easy is to Embed video (insert video) from youtube or any other site to your WordPress. Frist, go […]