Embed Twitter post in WordPress | How to make it?

Embedd tweets in WordPress website
Embed Twitter post in WordPress | How to make it?
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Want to know how to embed tweets in WordPress? In this Tutorial, we will show you, how to Embed Tweets on your Blog post. Twitter allow you embedding teets to your blog. Embedding Twitter tweets is now easier then ever. Sometimes happends, that you, as a blogger, need to embed / share tweets on your post or page. We know how to do it. It looks profesional and it is very easy. Just copy URL of tweet you want to share and paste the URL to your Blog post.

Individual tweets embedding:

1. Find the tweet you want to embed in your post or page
2. Go to Twitter and click on the date, of tweet you want to share
3. Copy the URL of the tweet
4. Paste the URL in the WordPress WYSIWYG editor on new line
5. All done 🙂 Just publish.

Embed Twitter Moments:

1. Click “Moments” at the top Menu on twitter.com
2. Click on the Moment want to embed in WordPress
3. Copy the URL of the individual Moment
4. Paste the Moment URL on a new line by itself
5. All done 🙂

Twitter Timeline embedding is exactly the same as the indicidual tweet, just create your own custom Twitter Moment copy link and paste to your visual editor.

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