5. June 2016

How to open link in a new tab

In this tutorial we will show you how to open new link in a new tab in wordpress. Text tutorial: First step is: mark your text, […]
23. May 2016

How to use FTP to install Plugin, Themes, Languages to WordPress site

  Hello, in this video we will show you, how to insert plugins, templates, languages to your WordPress site by using FTP (winSCP). You can use […]
15. May 2016

How to Allow users to Edit their Comments In WordPress without Login

In this video we will show you, how to Allow your readers edit their comment after writing Comment without Login. Users can edit their comments for […]
13. May 2016

How to creade drop-down menu (Sub menu) in WordPress

In this tutorial you will learn how to create drop down or sub menu at your WordPress site. It is easy and fast to make. Just […]
28. April 2016

How to get Image URL you uploaded at WordPress and paste him wherever